Guy has always had an interest in cars & car maintenance.  He is married to Karen and they have a son Lee who is 13. He started off owning a Chevy Blazer 6.2 diesel Silverado, after owning it for about 2 years he sold it & bought a Ford Transit flareside pickup which he has customised a bit and still drives today, He also ownes a 1982 Chevrolet Suburban 6.2 diesel Siverado.  He bought this in May 2000 and has since had to rebuild the top end of the engine… but it's ok now. 

Guy loves to tinker with cars and often sorts out the problems on members keep us all on the road, he has a vast amount of books on cars too UK & Yanks, workshop manuals etc.

Guy attends as many shows as he can (when he is not working) with his family and the dog Dodger oh & he's just got a ferret too which is a little git. As it tends to get a bit playful then bite you…

Guy attends the weekly meetings when he is not working 

The Suburban is up for sale….. Contact Guy for details

A Blazer he used to have

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